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Agility Competitions

There is nothing better than having a photo to remember a great day competing – and even if your day was plagued with “E’s”, (we’ve all been there!) there is a good chance that we have captured that fantastic moment that reminds you what a star your dog really is!

We can offer onsite printing with our great little exhibition trailer, and always upload all photos onto our website for purchase after the day.

Training Sessions

Training sessions give us an opportunity to capture a shot that can elude us during competitions and opens up our pictures to those who don’t compete and just enjoy having fun with their dog. 

It doesn’t have to be agility training – it can be any training…. Obedience, Scent Work, Flyball … however you choose to have fun with your dog.

Send us an enquiry and let’s get you booked in!


Other Photo Days

Want something a little more private and personal?  Sometimes that perfect shot is on a morning walk, or a game in the garden ..... or simply getting your dogs best 'side' and we can be there to capture it for you


Contact us to chat through what we can do for you … the sky is the limit!